Rabbit (2017)

It’s comparatively rare these days to go into a film viewing with no idea of what to expect, so often your best chance at this is to gain access to an online screener – particularly if these screeners come via film festivals which, for good or ill, have a fairly selective audience until such time […]

Terror Australis: Australia and its Cult Cinema (Part 2)

By Matt Harries Editor’s Note: for the first part of Matt’s special feature, click here. So, Australia’s Outback can inflict lethal damage on the unwary. What, though, about the most dangerous beast of all? What happens to the man who lives there, far from the reach of the western world and its focus on ease […]

Terror Australis: Australia and its Cult Cinema (Part 1)

By Matt Harries For a country which has often courted an image of a roguish bonhomie and raffish conviviality, Australia seems also to possess a dark heart, which lies perhaps in the great vastness of the continent away from the densely populated coastal regions and their cosmopolitan modernity. Since being sighted by Dutch explorer Willem […]