Interview: Director Chris Crow & Producer David Lloyd on The Lighthouse

By Nia Edwards-Behi In cinemas soon, The Lighthouse is Chris Crow’s fourth feature as director, and his second feature collaboration with producer David Lloyd. Following Devil’s Bridge, Panic Button and The Darkest Day, The Lighthouse is a chamber piece, a psychological drama based on a real life event in Welsh maritime history. Chris and David […]

From ‘Too Crude’ to ‘Twice as Vulgar’! An Interview with Deathgasm Director Jason Lei Howden

Interview by Keri O’Shea If you haven’t seen Deathgasm yet then, if I may, it’s time you climbed out from under that nice, safe rock of yours and ascended to the top of a towering crag (preferably where there are some obliging women in chainmail to cling to your legs, Manowar-style). It was one of […]

“Body horror is where my heart lies…” – an interview with director Andy Stewart

By Keri O’Shea We look at quite a few short films during the course of an average year here at Brutal as Hell, what with the Horror in Short section we run, together with our combined attendance at horror festivals – but sometimes, a filmmaker’s work stands out, and that’s certainly the case with director […]

Interview: MurderDrome director Daniel Armstrong on roller derby, horror and indie filmmaking

Interview conducted by Ben Bussey As regular BAH readers may have noticed, one of my favourite films of 2014 thus far has been Daniel Armstrong’s MurderDrome. A light-hearted, low-budget comedy horror set in the world of roller derby, it aims to capture a very specific niche audience and, in my estimation, does a fine job […]

Interview: Indie Filmmaker Peter Dukes

Interview by Keri O’Shea Though writer, director and producer Peter Dukes is in no ways new to the world of filmmaking, having made his first short film way back in 1999, we here at Brutal as Hell are pretty new to Peter’s work; he contacted us back last year regarding coverage in our recently-resurrected Horror […]