Comics News You Can Use: Locke & Key TV Series, New Kingsman, Stan Lee Hearts White Castle

After three attempts at bringing IDW’s Locke and Key to both the big screen and the small screen, fans might finally see their favorite supernatural mystery in a live-action adaption. The series is getting some headway with what I’ve been told is a promising script written by the comic co-creator, Joe Hill, and has garnered the interest of Dr. Strange director Scott Derrickson, who is set to direct the pilot episode. The adaptation has officially been picked up by Hulu, who have ordered the pilot episode, and, depending on reception, will order an entire first season.

As stated, this is not the first time Locke and Key has gone to the screen.  A previous version, staring Sarah Bolger, Miranda Otto and Nick Stahl, was picked up by Fox and had filmed a pilot episode, but did not end up going to series. For those who have not picked up the comic, it revolves around three siblings who find various keys around the turn-of-the-century house they had just moved into. Each key is infused with a different supernatural ability, but unknown to them, a demon has been living in there as well and he’s very eager to get his hands on those keys as well. Hopefully, the new show script will bring this epic tale to homes everywhere.

In light of the new Kingsman movie, titled Kingsman: Golden Circle, the creator Mark Miller has tweeted a comic sequel-in-the-works, titled Kingsman: The Red Diamond. The comic sequel will be a follow up to the initial Kingsman comic, not the movie, and the flirty smiley face that accompanied the tweet promises a titillating good time! The Red Diamond will be released in September to coincide with the Golden Circle movie release and will bring back the original artist and co-creator, Dave Gibbons. No word so far on the plot or the length of the series, but it’ll probably kick ass.

Finally, in weirder news, White Castle has inducted a new member into their hall of fame and his name is Stan Lee. The delectable slider style hamburgers that have delighted Americans for 95 years have officially added Stan Lee to their White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame. Having grown up eating the fast food in Bronx and Washington Heights, NYC, Lee was treated to a special ceremony and received a number of gifts that included a monthly Crave Case Box, an unlimited pass to the employee diner in Columbus, OH, a custom plaque, and a framed picture of the White Castle that he visited as a boy. Stan Lee goes on to say:

“Growing up in Washington Heights and the Bronx, I loved White Castle. The infamous slider was a favorite then, just as it remains today over 85 years later! I am grateful to White Castle for recognizing my lifelong Crave-ings and honored to join past and future Craver Hall of Fame inductees. And to be perfectly honest, I’m also looking forward to receiving my Crave Case each month from White Castle!”

Talk about the perfect answer! The ceremony was held at the grand opening of Stan Lee’s Excelsior Collectibles store in Brea, CA.