DVD Review: Arrow Video Presents ‘Pieces’

Review by Stephanie Scaife. Pieces (1982) is a cult classic exploitation slasher flick from Spanish filmmaker Juan Piquer Simon (Slugs, Monster Island) and here it is in a fantastic and lovingly created brand new edition from Arrow Video, sporting a vast array of special features and some rather eye catching newly commissioned art work. The […]

UK Blu-Ray Review: Tobe Hooper’s ‘The Funhouse’

The Funhouse (1981) Distributor: Arrow Video Blu-Ray release date (UK): 18th July 2011 Directed by: Tobe Hooper Starring: Elizabeth Berridge, Shawn Carson, Sylvia Miles Review by: Stephanie Scaife Tobe Hooper is an incredibly inconsistent filmmaker; when he is good he is very, very good (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Poltergeist) but when he is bad […]

DVD Review: Slaughter High

Slaughter High AKA The Jolly Killer (1986) Distributor: Arrow Video DVD Release Date: 11 July 2011 Directed by: George Dugdale, Mark Ezra, Peter Litten Starring: Caroline Munro, Simon Scuddamore, Carmine Iannaconne, Donna Yeager Review by: Ben Bussey Good afternoon class. Can I have your attention please? Don’t give me that look, I’m just as anxious […]

UK Blu-Ray Review: New York Ripper

New York Ripper (L’Eventreuer De New York) (1982) Distributor: Shameless Screen Entertainment Blu-Ray Release Date (UK): 27 June 2011 Directed by: Lucio Fulci Starring: Jack Hedley, Almanta Keller, Alexandra Delli Colli Review by: Nia Edwards-Behi A maniac terrorises New York City, slicing up attractive young women and taunting the police with bizarre phone calls. The […]

DVD Review: Blood Cabin (AKA Murder Loves Killers Too)

Blood Cabin (Murder Loves Killers Too) (2008) Distributor (UK): 4Digital Media DVD Release Date (UK): 4th April 2011 Directed by: Drew Barnhardt Starring: Allen Andrews, Christine Haeberman, Scott Christian, Mary LeGault Review by: Ben Bussey Isn’t it always the way; a low budget horror film does shitty business under one title so they release it overseas with […]

DVD Review: Wes Craven’s ‘My Soul To Take’

My Soul to Take (2010) Distributor: Momentum DVD Release Date (UK): 4th April 2011 Directed by: Wes Craven Starring: Max Thieriot, John Magaro, Emily Meade Review by: Stephanie Scaife I’ve never been entirely convinced by Wes Craven’s reputation as one of the “Masters of Horror”, being that by my calculations; only approximately 5% of his […]

DVD Review: Forgotten 70s Brit-Horror ‘The Fiend’

The Fiend (AKA Beware My Brethren) (1972) Distributor: Odeon Entertainment DVD Release Date: 7th March 2011 Directed by: Robert Hartford-Davis Starring: Patrick Magee, Tony Beckley, Ann Todd, Suzanna Leigh Review by: Ben Bussey A small congregation sits in a crumbling suburban church. All clad in garments drab and dirty enough to have stepped directly out […]

DVD Review: Gnaw

Review: Gnaw (2008) Distributors: 4 Digital Media (UK) Directed by: Gregory Mandry DVD Release date: 21st February 2011 Starring: Hiram Bleetman, Nigel Croft-Adams, Sara Dylan Review by: Stephanie Scaife I’m not sure why it’s taken so long for this to surface on DVD in the UK, having done the festival circuit for over 2 years then […]

Review: ‘Return To Horror High’ – Blood, Boobs, and Postmodernism?!

Return to Horror High (1987) Directed by: Bill Froehlich Starring: George Clooney, a bunch of other people who never got famous Review by: Ben Bussey This is a slightly different kind of review for me. The bulk of my reviews tend to be new DVD releases – sometimes first run DVDs, sometimes new editions of […]

UK DVD Review: A Bay of Blood

A Bay of Blood (AKA Twitch of the Death Nerve/Reazione a Catena/Carnage/Bloodbath/Many, many more…) (1971) Distributor: Arrow Video DVD/Blu-Ray Release Date (UK): 13th December 2010 Directed by: Mario Bava Starring: Claudine Auger, Luigi Pustilli, Claudio Camaso, Anna Maria Rosati Review by: Ben Bussey Deep in an idyllic wilderness lies a serene, unspoiled bay. Amongst all […]

R2 DVD Review: XII (Twelve)

XII (Twelve) (2009) R2 DVD Release Date: 27 September 2010 Distributor (UK): Chelsea Films Directed by: Michael A Nickles Starring: Mercedes McNab, Steven Brand, Emily Hardy, Jeremy Fitzgerald Review by: Ben Bussey Five years have passed since Leonard Karlsson (Fitzgerald) was sent to the big house for child abuse. As we all know, kiddie fiddlers […]