Comic news you can use: Man-Thing meets RL Stine, Dr. Strange #6, and Jiro Taniguchi Passes

It’s ‘classic horror comics meets classic horror writer’ madness in the latest continuation of everyone’s favorite swamp monster, Man-Thing! RL Stine, the mastermind behind such hits as Goosebumps and Fear Street, has teamed up with Marvel to release a new story titled simply, Man-Thing. The comic will be starting from the Man-Thing’s origin story, that is, with scientist Ted Sallis who in an attempt to recreate the super solider serum, accidently turns himself into Deadpool. Kidding! He actually turns himself into Man-Thing when he tries to save himself and his formula by injecting the serum straight into his veins. Now a lumbering creature of the night, Man-Thing spreads his unique form of eco-justice through a fear toxin that pours through his vines.

RL Stine will be joined by a collection of artists, the first issue featuring art from German Perlata with an attached, super special, second short story with art by Daniel Warren. Despite RL Stines long and prosperous career as a horror author, Man-Thing is his first time working on a comic book. So what attracted this 73 year old fan-favorite to the bright lights of comicdom? My first ambition was to be a comic book artist,” he states. “I started doing these little comic books in the fourth grade: ‘Super Stooge,’ the dumbest hero on earth. I was terrible. I had no choice but to be a writer.”

Well, there you go. He also goes on to state that he plans for Man-Thing to have, “…a lot of action and a lot of great violence and make it creepy, but I’m going to make it funny at the same time.” Keep an eye out for on March 8th.

In other news, Dr. Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #6 is by and large the most ambitious Dr. Strange comic yet but not for the reasons you would think! This particular issue is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure! That’s right, now you, yes you, can help the good doctor get through the issue with your brains and rational thinking, but be careful, a wrong choice could plummet him into the depths of the unknown. Here’s the official pitch from Marvel: “After being betrayed by one of their own, Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme are banished to a dark, magical dimension where everything is out to kill them! And you’re trapped with them! Can you and the Sorcerers escape this maze-like madness?”

Well, can you!? For those who have never played Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, it’s essentially a book or comic written with alternate endings and story lines depending on the option you choose at the bottom of the page. It’s like an open ended video game but for people who like to read. Nerds. Doc Strange and the Sorcerers #6 will be out on the same day as Man-Thing, March 8th!

And finally, in more solemn news, manga-ka Jiro Taniguchi has passed away at the age of 69. He is most recognized for his soft drama work such as A Distant Neighborhood, about a man who finds himself in his childhood neighborhood, and The Summit of the Gods, which answers the question, how far would one person go to chase the ghosts of Mt. Everest. His passing has been met with sorrow across the world, especially in Europe, where he has garnered much of his success in France and Belguim.

A majority of his works have been translated into English, so if you haven’t read any, it’s never too late to start. He was described as a very kind and gentle person and it’s something that is reflected in his humanistic art style while creating relatable and interesting characters. No magical girls for this guy! Check out his comics at your local book store.