Lost Girls: the Phantasmagorical Cinema of Jean Rollin

I first encountered the cinema of Jean Rollin via the UK’s Redemption Films, whose founder, Nigel Wingrove, became good friends with Rollin over the years; the film company deserves far more awareness of the great service they did by bringing so many of these films into the common consciousness in the Nineties, making the films […]

Peter Cushing Centenary – King of the Vampire Killers

By Ben Bussey If I were to ask who the most iconic screen Dracula was, I imagine the answers would be wide-ranging. Presumably most would be torn between Lugosi and Lee, with maybe a few shout-outs for Oldman, and one or two bending the matter slightly by arguing for Schreck. However, if I were to […]

DVD Review: Umbrage: The First Vampire

Umbrage: The First Vampire (2009) Distributor: Left Films DVD Release Date: 17th October 2011 Director: Drew Cullingham Starring: Doug Bradley, Rita Ramani, Jonnie Hurn, Natalia Celino Review by: Aaron Williams  We open on a sweeping shot of a forest, a Jeep steadily working its way along rocky roads. Cut to inside the moving car and […]

BIFFF Review: Stake Land

Stake Land (2010) Directed by: Jim Mickle Starring: Danielle Harris, Kelly McGillis, Connor Paolo, Nick Damici Review by: Nia Edwards-Behi The world has been ravaged by a disease that transforms people into vicious bloodsuckers. A teenager watches his family slaughtered and is rescued by the mysterious Mister, a tough vampire hunter who takes the boy […]