FrightFest 2011 Review: The Divide

Review By Stephanie Scaife. If like me you have a penchant for post-apocalyptic narratives that are unrelentingly bleak and mercilessly grim, then The Divide is definitely the film for you. Xavier Gens made his name as part of the new wave of French horror filmmakers with his flawed but endearingly bonkers Frontier(s) which soon led […]

FrightFest 2011 Review: Deadheads

Deadheads (2011) Directed by: Brett Pierce, Drew T. Pierce Starring: Michael McKiddy, Ross Kidder, Thomas Galasso, Benjamin Webster Review by: Ben Bussey When American twentysomething Mike (McKiddy) wakes up one day to find himself in some kind of strange incubation chamber, he doesn’t know what the hell’s going on. Stepping out into the world, he […]

FrightFest 2011 Review: Kill List

Kill List (2011) Directed by: Ben Wheatley Starring: Neil Maskell, Michael Smiley, MyAnna Buring Review by: Ben Bussey Contract killer Jay (Maskell) hasn’t worked in months. He lives comfortably with his wife (Buring) and their son, but the debts are starting to pile up, not to mention the marital tensions. Anxious to avoid taking on […]

FrightFest 2011 Review: The Woman

The Woman (2011) Directed by: Lucky McKee Starring: Pollyanna McIntosh, Sean Bridgers, Angela Bettis Review by: Ben Bussey Within a suprisingly short distance of one another exist what would appear to be two polar opposites of human life. The Cleek family live an affluent and comfortable existence in their beautiful ranch home, whilst in the […]

FrightFest 2011 Review: Chillerama

Chillerama (2011) Directed by: Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan, Adam Green, Joe Lynch Starring: Joel David Moore, Ray Wise, Lin Shaye, Richard Riehle Review by: Ben Bussey The drive-in is about to close down. The locals pile in by the car load, and owner Cecil Kaufman (Riehle) plans to give them a final night to remember, […]

FrightFest 2011 Review: The Glass Man

The Glass Man (2011) Directed by: Christian Solimeno Starring: Andy Nyman, James Cosmo, Neve Campbell, Christian Solimeno Review by: Ben Bussey At a glance, Martin (Nyman) would appear to be the man who has everything. He wears fine bespoke suits and an expensive watch, drives a top-of-the-range car, and lives in a well-furnished town house with […]

Advance Review: Panic Button

Panic Button (2011) Directed by: Chris Crow Starring: Scarlett Alice Johnson, Jack Gordon, Michael Jibson, Elen Rhys Review by: Nia Edwards-Behi The horror genre has always been an effective arena for exploring the topical, and Panic Button is a film that does exactly that. Taking the tricky topic of social networking as its inspiration, this […]