Welcome to Our Folk Horror Special…

Strange, isolated houses, villages and islands; closed communities, whose initial friendliness seems to mask something deeply sinister; people who have rejected modernity, or have simply been passed over by it; ritual practices; the uncanny; dark magic; pagan symbols; the threat of the old ways spilling over into the new, with devastating consequences… Welcome to a […]

Daleks, Weremoths and Weird Tailors: Peter Cushing at Amicus, Tigon & Tyburn (Part 1)

By Tristan Bishop Think of Peter Cushing and you think of Hammer – and vice-versa, as the studio and the actor are intrinsically linked. He appeared, alongside fellow Hammer stalwart Christopher Lee, in the breakthrough hits from the studio, The Curse Of Frankenstein (1957) and Dracula (1958), and their early successes paved the way for […]