Rocko’s Modern Life #1

There’s nothing cheesier than starting a conversation with the words “hey, do you remember the 90s?” But really, do you, 90s kids? Remember Rugrats, Gakk, getting slimed, or that spinning thing that twirled around your leg and counted how many times you jumped over it? What was the point of that thing? Anyway, as the […]

Silly Symphonies #3

Most of us are too young to remember Silly Symphonies in its prime. Hell, most of our parents are too young remember it; but, much like Universal Monsters and WW2, we still seem to be talking about it. Silly Symphonies was a series of 75 Disney cartoons released between 1929 and 1939 focusing on combining […]


Since Warped Perspective recently celebrated all things folk horror, it’s only appropriate that their own comic reviewer checks out a new addition to the folk horror comic scene, Redlands. Comics and folk horror have gone hand in hand for decades, dating back to early horror anthologies that prominently featured witches, ghouls and the Devil, delivering […]