Unchained Melody: The Films of Meiko Kaji

Meiko Kaji is, from a Western perspective, one of the most unmistakable and recognisable Japanese actresses of all time, but this comes with a significant proviso. Most of us know just a tiny fraction of the films she has ever made; only a handful of these nearly one hundred films have really made it over […]

Comic Review: Broken World #1

By Svetlana Fedotov What would you do if there was rock the size of Baltimore hurtling towards Earth with the ill-intent to destroy everything in its path? Well, if you are one of the citizens of the Broken World universe, you better figure it out quick because in 48 hours, there won’t be any decisions […]

Book Review: House of Psychotic Women by Kier-La Janisse

By Keri O’Shea Explorations of unhinged femininity have long been archetypal in horror and exploitation cinema. It’s that whole ‘hall of mirrors’ effect: anxieties and fears regarding women make for overblown, engrossing movies, and the depiction of all facets of female behaviour and concerns – to include adolescence, relationships, sexuality, pregnancy, motherhood – have been […]