Tokyo Ghoul (2017)

Tokyo Ghoul is a film based on a very popular anime and manga, and though I have since started on the anime, when I saw the film I knew very little about the series other than the brief synopsis. Bear that in mind then, when I say I enjoyed the film a great deal – […]

Harold Buttleman: Daredevil Stuntman (2003)

John Hawkes is a pretty fascinating figure in film. For many years, he was most likely to be known for his brief appearance as the liquor store guy in the first scene of From Dusk Till Dawn; or, if you’re a real Robert Rodriguez completist, for his scene-stealing supporting turn in Roadracers. However, more recent […]

Radius (2017)

Going into a film with no foreknowledge beyond the fact that it’s from the producers of Turbo Kid, one might be forgiven for not expecting anything too serious-minded. However, this film is an altogether different breed of Canadian sci-fi horror. Written and directed by Caroline Labrèche and Steeve Léonard, Radius is a compelling and inventive […]

Hard Sun (2018)

We’ve all heard of post-apocalyptic drama – literature, film and television which look at life after the End of the World as We Know It – and we can all name a few noteworthy examples, I’m sure. Well, the recent BBC series Hard Sun reinterprets this idea, giving us something rather different: ‘pre-apocalyptic drama’. It’s […]

Don’t Look Now by Jessica Gildersleeve

Don’t Look Now is a strange and rather wonderful horror film: routinely featuring on ‘best films of all time’ lists, it clearly made (and continues to make) a resonant impression on viewers, whether those who saw it upon release or those who have come to it later. It’s this lasting appeal which has prompted some […]

Defective (2017)

This must be a boom time for dystopian sci-fi and horror; I cannot imagine why. Over the past few months I’ve received either information about upcoming projects or screener links for a range of dystopian cinema, whether films about worlds poisoned by tech, gripped by environmental havoc, or somewhere between the two. God knows, I […]

Canaries (2017)

I have a confession to make. When I first heard about Canaries, from its UK premiere selection at London’s FrightFest, I was worried. Whenever a Welsh genre film comes along I always get a twinge of panic, of an intense desire for the film to be brilliant, good patriot that I am, and the unnerving […]

Showdown in Manila (2016)

I don’t always jump at the chance to see the latest low-budget action movie. There have been a whole lot of cheap-looking, DV-shot beat-’em-up/shoot-’em-up flicks in recent years, most going direct to home entertainment, and most falling way short of the adrenaline-fuelled entertainment of years gone by. However, in the case of Showdown in Manila, […]

Rabbit (2017)

It’s comparatively rare these days to go into a film viewing with no idea of what to expect, so often your best chance at this is to gain access to an online screener – particularly if these screeners come via film festivals which, for good or ill, have a fairly selective audience until such time […]

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

When a new movie arrives in a haze of awards season fever, it can be hard to know what to expect. So many films seem specifically designed to pick up the coveted film industry gongs (Gary Oldman in a fat suit playing Churchill, anyone?) However, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri might have plenty of that […]

Star vs. the Forces of Evil (2017)

You know what I miss most about being a kid? Saturday morning cartoons. Sitting down with a bowl of cereal at eight in the morning and turning on ABC’s Kids or Fox Kids or any other combination of a television channel and the word Kids and watching cartoons until the sun reached its peak at […]