Crowdfunder news: Help complete the official Tura Satana documentary!

We’ve said it before and I’m sure it’s worth repeating – it’s hard to keep up with the number of projects seeking crowd-sourced financial backing, and it can be even harder to know which ones to help promote and which ones to leave aside. It gets to a point of saturation where it’s easier to just chuck a few quid at the ones you like best and leave it at that.

However, sometimes projects come along that you really do have to shout about, and this is one of those, if you ask me. The official documentary about the life and career of legendary actress, performer and all-round force of nature Tura Satana is seeking the funds to complete production. The documentary had Satana’s blessing before she passed away in 2011, and the people behind the production include her long-time manager Siouxzan Perry and director Cody Jarrett, who directed Satana in her final film role as an actress. The film has already secured an impressive array of talking heads, including John Waters, Dita Von Teese and the late, great Ted V. Mikels, and is offering a range of cool perks to those who help back the film, from art prints to actual items from Satana’s wardrobe (!).

Although primary interest in the documentary for genre fans will no doubt be Satana’s iconic roles in the likes of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and The Astro Zombies, the documentary is also a crucial celebration of a woman who broke stereotypes of gender and race having lived through an horrific and eventful early life.

You can take a look at the details of the campaign and the perks here on Kickstarter – there are only a few days left to get the project funded, so do spread the word if you can!